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About ZE/The Kestrel


Awk, awk! The image of a winged kestrel bird serves as our Zionist Entity logo, because he (or she?) was first apprehended by the Turkish government as an Israeli “spy” in 2013, and then released for lack of evidence.  (Google it here if you don’t believe us.)  Since then, this noble bird of prey has quickly become a symbol of projected paranoia, on the one hand (endemic among Israel’s more resolute detractors), and an ironic sense of pride and hawk-like perspicacity among 21st Century Zionists themselves, on the other hand (or should we say other “wing”?).

Speaking of wings, this blog is neither leftwing nor rightwing; or, rather, it is both, since it takes two to fly–as every good little falcon/Zionist Entity knows!  ZE will not negotiate its right to exist, in other words–but pretty much everything else is up for grabs.

ZE’s Mighty Kestrel always has her eye out for good things to publish on our topics (yeah, let’s go with the feminine pronoun…ZE supports women’s rights, awk!). Submissions (other queries, or suggestions about this blog) can be sent for consideration to, zionistentity.me@gmail.com Although, if you have something substantive to say about one of our posts, please consider leaving that as a comment on the blog itself under the post you’re responding to, where everyone can see it. Awk, awk!


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